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Nspire Network Marketing Review

Is Nspire Network Marketing a Legit Work From Home Opportunity or a Scam?

Have you been searching the internet on Nspire Network Marketing with hopes to find a legitimate and lucrative work from home opportunity? Are you looking to earn extra income either part time or full time from the convenience of your own home? Nspire Network LLC is an MLM (multi-level marketing) company that offers highly beneficial healthcare products for both men and women.

Perhaps an associate of Nspire Network with an appealing sales pitch has already approached you and you want to know what all the hype is about, or maybe you’re already enthusiastic about joining an MLM company and you’re doing your due diligence to determine the best company to partner with.

Nspire Network LLC is among the latest MLM networks created that pre-launched in early 2017 and officially launched on April 21, 2017.

Company Profile

Business Name: Nspire Network LLC
Nspire Network Website: Visit Website

Nspire Network Owners: Founder-Spencer Iverson (CEO) Joel Medina (COO)

Industry: MLM, Health and Wellness

Nspire Network Marketing: The Good

If you had information that could possibly save your life, or the life of a person you love or care about, would you share it?

  • 1.) Nspire Network LLC offers different level membership packages to choose from with respect to the amount of your current income. The cost to become an independent distributor is only a yearly fee of $35.
  • 2.) Nspire Network healthcare products address some extremely concerning issues for men and women such as virility (the quality of having strength, energy, and a strong sex drive; manliness.) and fertility (the ability to conceive children). 
  • Their most popular product is the ‘cherish sanitary pad’, which has been taking the internet by storm. There has been real life testimonials from women all over the world raving about how great this product works. This product literally sells itself and the probability of repeat orders is extremely high.
  • 3.) If you plan to become a distributor of their products, then the Nspire Network Marketing system is setup in a way that will give you the time flexibility to work on the business at your own leisure. That means that you can work from home, anytime or anyplace in the world to get the job done.

4.) The Nspire Network earning potential is extremely high. An active affiliate can earn up to 40% commission on all products sold including orders from customers who setup automatic recurring orders. This is great because they offer products that the average person would want to buy over and over again. For example, most women stick to the same brand of sanitary pad once they know it works, so just imagine women all over the world falling in love with the cherish sanitary pad. They’ll use the cherish pad, love the product and reorder again and again, but that’s not all, they will spread the word to their other family and friends who will continue to generate more leads for you.

Nspire Network Marketing: The Bad

1.) Since Nspire is a new company, they have had their share of hiccups as far as technology infrastructure. This is a case of a bad situation that’s the result of an extremely great product launch. To sum things up, their company grew too fast too soon, so the people who were in the pre-launch group experienced server down time and static conference calls as new enrollments were pouring in by the thousands.

Overall, the Nspire team has been extremely transparent, communicative and proactive when making sure that everyone was aware of the situation and the time frame that their systems would be up and running. This type of situation is not uncommon and happens with many new and existing companies, the important thing is that they are responsive with a quick turnaround in the event that things don’t go as planned. Coming from an IT and Software Development background, I wouldn’t let this discourage you. If you can ride the wave during the rough moments, especially when people have doubt, then you stand the greatest chance of being successful when things are smooth sailing. You’ll be one step ahead of the game because you never gave up on the company.

2.) The Nspire Network Marketing products listed for sale are not FDA approved and demonstrate no evidence of a substantial amount of testing. As the company and products grow in popularity, this can be an issue down the line, however, Nspire does a great job with educating potential customers about the benefits of each product compared to what’s currently being sold.

3.) Similar to other MLM programs, recruiting other distributors and sales from products are a huge factor in determining the amount of money that you can make. If you want to succeed and move up in the ranks then you need to take this business serious and get involved in a lot of marketing and advertising both on and offline. We recommend focusing on marketing techniques that you’re most comfortable with. Some people do well with direct 1 on 1 in person connections while others do well with an indirect online marketing approach.

4.) In order to be eligible for commissions, you must reach a certain threshold. This means that, members must reach a specific target in private sales volume to be eligible for the commissions. The popularity of their products make the threshold easy to obtain.

All hype aside, this is the reason the business has experienced a massive surge since their 2017 pre-launch. They’ve received millions of hits to their website and they have well over 50,000 members and growing.

See their increase:

About Nspire Network LLC Founders

Nspire Network LLC was founded by Spencer W. Iverson (CEO), and Joel Medina (COO). They’re both successful business men with a wide-range of network marketing expertise.

Nspire founders have gathered the strongest leadership team ever seen in the network marketing business. Collectively, this diverse group has established organizations worldwide and represents nearly 50 years of expertise in the Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) business. They have also brought in tens of millions of dollars helping individuals all around the globe achieve their dreams and goals.

Spencer W. Iverson, JD

Spencer W. Iverson, JD is listed as the co-founder and chief operating officer. Iverson has a rather extensive history in the MLM industry going back almost 10 years. In 2008, Iverson confounded Millionaire Lifestyle Institute, renamed Worthy of Millions Institute in 2011. Iverson was also a high-performing affiliate of Organo Gold, a coffee MLM, which he left for Paycation in 2015. Paycation is a travel MLM where Iverson was an affiliate and executive. His recent decision to part from the company was officially announced via a Facebook post on December 21, 2016.

Joel Media

Joel Media is also listed as co-founder, as well as, VP of business development. Media was also a high performing affiliate of Organo Gold, which he left for FG Xpress, a health and wellness MLM, in 2014.

Who’s Nspire Network Marketing for?

Most multi-level marketing company are so easy to get started with that even beginners can tap into the industry without ever having network marketing experience.

All it takes is someone who is willing put some time and effort into learning how to establish good personal relationships and learn the best marketing techniques. The most effective thing about Nspire is that it supplies a turnkey system for people who are searching for work at home opportunities. You can run your business full time or part time without having to incur the overhead expenses of a physical business.

What Makes The Nspire Network Marketing Opportunity Different?

  • When selecting an MLM company, you constantly need to consider their unique value propositions.
  • To put it differently, what makes the business distinguish themselves from other competitors in the industry? Why is the business unique?
  • All things considered, those are the key indicators that bless a company with longevity and success.

Following are some of the unique value propositions (UVP) for Nspire Network LLC.

  • 1) Nspire Network is a legitimate and compliant company that allows you to earn a steady and long-term income while advertising your business.
  • 2) Nspire Network is a MLM (multi-level-marketing) based model that is has the potential to pay high daily percentages and their company is backed by expert internal and external sources.
  • 3) It’s extremely simple to get started (distributors pay an annual fee of only $35), and you have the potential to instantly start making money after signing up and recruiting other network marketers in your downline, or you can make money simply from people buying the products from your personalized website.
  • 4) Nspire Network Marketing products are all mission driven and help solve various healthcare problems for men and women. Their products are backed by board certified physicians.

And after all of those value propositions, there’s still one variable which makes this business out of this world.

Yes, out of this world!

Here’s why…

…you can either promote the product to customers as a distributor or promote the business to network marketers like yourself to make additional money.

Yes, you can actually keep it this simple!

  • 1) Sign up as a distributor
  • 2) Refer people to their products or..
  • 3) Refer other distributors so you can earn a percentage of their commissions when they or their downline of distributors make sales.

And, as you do this, you are constantly making money, 24/7, from anywhere in the world, even while you sleep!

How to Get Started With the Nspire Network Marketing Opportunity

Become an Nspire Network  Customer

Products offered for sale are only available for purchase from independent distributors of Nspire Network. Anyone who buys a product from the web site of an Nspire Network distributor is recognized as a customer.

Become an Nspire Network  Preferred Customer

To become a Preferred Customer, you must have made an initial order. Next, simply set up a monthly autoship (recurring purchase) of 35 CV ($50.00 USD) (excluding shipping, handling and taxes) of some of your favorite Nspire products. When you do this, you will be given a discount code to instantly receive 10% off of each product placed on autoship as a reward for your loyalty!

Note: CV stands for Commissionable Volume. This is the actual amount to be applied to percentages throughout the compensation plan and will ultimately determine your commission payout.)

Also, as a Preferred Customer you will also receive a “Refer a Friend Code.” Give this special code to a friend, family member, co-worker, etc., and they will receive a 10% discount on their first order of 35CV ($50.00) (excluding shipping, handling and taxes)!

But that’s not all! YOU will receive a store credit of 5% of the total value of your friend’s purchase. For example, if you refer your mom to your sales site and she purchases 100CV worth of product, she can use the code and earn a 10% discount and you will receive a “store credit” of 5CV (5% of 100CV) that you can apply to your own future orders. Further, as you refer more customers, the credits will accumulate and grow from 5CV to 10CV to 20CV and so on! Your favorite Nspire products may ultimately become FREE for you as a build a massive customer base!

Become an Nspire Network Marketing Independent Distributor

If you plan to sell the products directly then you first need to select a Distributor package with the appropriate amount of inventory to build a solid base of customers. The yearly Distributor’s License is only $35. Keep in mind that buying products is NOT mandatory, however, it can help you earn more money more quickly as customers begin to demand more products from you.

  • BUILDER PACKAGE: $99 or more
  • ACHIEVER PACKAGE: $299 or more
  • PREMIUM PACKAGE: $499 or more
  • ELITE PACKAGE: $999 or more

Become an Nspire Network Marketing Qualified Independent Distributor

You are qualified to earn each week when the following three (3) qualifications are met.

  • 1.       You must have one personally enrolled Distributor on your left team who has made a minimum purchase of 35CV ($50.00 USD).

  • 2.       You must have one personally enrolled Distributor on your right team who has made a minimum purchase of 35CV ($50.00 USD).

  • 3.       You must have a personal order of 35CV ($50.00 USD) placed each month.

Alternatively, you can qualify / remain active for earnings when you have a personal order of more than 105CV ($150.00 USD) or if the orders of your personal Customers total more than 105CV ($150.00 USD). With Nspire, there are multiple ways to stay qualified for the money you have worked so hard to earn.

Every product purchase, in addition to having Distributor price, is also associated with an amount of volume. The amount of volume in your organization will ultimately determine your commission’s earnings. A product’s volume is represented most often as CV.

Where Do I Go to Enroll as an Nspire Network Distributor?

As we previously stated, you can only become an Nspire distributor by enrolling through another distributor. Luckily for you, we are a distributor of Nspire because we see the potential and we’re in it for the long run.

Benefits of joining our Nspire team

  • 1. You’ll receive access to weekly Nspire focus group calls.
  • 2. You’ll be added to a private Nspire support group on facebook. Once you get started, you’ll get full access of support from hundreds of people in our private Nspire Facebook group and our exclusive Nspire team site. Our leadership is #1 in Nspire, so you’ll benefit from direct leadership from leaders who’re already making CEO money in Nspire. And no, this is not like all those other FB groups that are dead and just get spammed junk offers on the daily. This is a real group, and literally dozens of questions are asked each day in the support group. It’s also full of income screenshots, advice, and more, it’s great information.
  • 3. You’ll receive Free Online Marketing tips, tools and resources to help promote your new Nspire business. Just look around our website, we offer tons of e-courses and e-books that can help you succeed with marketing your business online.

Enrollment Steps

1. Go to and click on “Join Now” to signup as a distributor.

When you enroll you’ll need to register as an individual or business. You must enter valid contact and payment information since you’ll be charged the annual $35 distributor enrollment fee.

“Please make sure that your credit card info is correct. You will see a charge from “ALW*nspirenetwork8882752578”.

2. You need to select a member ID, so we recommend selecting a name related to the business, or something unique because your username will be seen all over the internet. If you do not want your personal name to be used in the URL then select something unique such as a keyword.

Example: (Our memberID = store)

3. After your registration is complete then you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail that includes a payment confirmation and your member login details.

4. Now that you’ll all registered, you’ll have full access to the Nspire member’s area as well as Nspire promotional marketing material to start promoting your business.

We notice that many people are receiving a significant amount of referrals from sharing information on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Classified Ad websites. Some have found traffic offers to hit up. Others have blasted their lists. It’s all up to you, just remember to be consistent in your marketing efforts if you want to see real results.

The recruiting aspect, like I said, is NOT required, and you can still make significant long-term revenue and not recruit a single person in the business if you simply just want to distribute the products to customers.

However, it gets pretty exciting if you crunch the numbers as a distributor.

Nspire Network Marketing Earning Potential


Nspire Network Marketing Comp Plan

In order to earn, you can refer people and encourage them to select one of the distributor packages. Example, if you refer someone who selects the $99 builder package, you are entitled to a commission of $25, referring an affiliate for the $299 package gives you a commission of $75 while a premium package entitles you to a $125 commission.

Aside from these recruitment bonuses, you can also earn from selling and distributing the company’s products, all products sold regardless of quantity gives you a 40% commission and this includes customers whose orders are generated by auto ship.

6 Ways To Make Money with Nspire Network Marketing



Spread the news about Nspire’s products with friends and family. When they make a purchase from your Nspire website, you earn up to 40% of the retail CV (Commissionable Volume). To encourage you to attract even more customers, Nspire adds an additional 10% of the retail sales volume generated by your customer’s purchases to the Binary CV each week!

All the RETAIL SALES total CV will be taken into account for qualification purposes as part of your Personal Group Volume, but only 10% of the CV will go to the Binary and residual income.

GUESS WHAT?! There is NO QUALIFICATION for you to receive this bonus each month! So share these products with the world and your earning potential will become even higher.

Note: If you give the 10% discount code to a friend for their first order and also earn a 5% CV store credit, it will be deducted from the 40%.



If you recruit family or friends and they decided to partner with you in Nspire and become an Independent Distributor then as an Independent Distributor, you can earn 25% of the CV from your new personally enrolled Distributor’s first product package order. Again, there is NO QUALIFICATION required to earn this bonus!



In a Binary Compensation plan, you are building 2 teams simultaneously. A “right” team and a “left”. Your goal is personally enroll Distributors on both teams to maximize your earning potential. Your rank, in coordination with the qualification rules, determines the percentage and maximum amount (cap) of your weekly binary pay. As you advance in rank, you qualify to earn at a higher percentage and weekly cap. All CV from your downline’s First Order, Repeat Orders and 10% of Retail Orders will be included in the Binary Bonus computation.


It’s always fun to celebrate the success of others. But it’s even MORE fun when you can earn a match of that person’s income, thanks to your help! The Nspire Matching Bonus pays up to 40% from the earnings of your personally enrolled Distributors. Earn up to a 15% match from all leaders on level 1, 15% on level 2 and 10% on level 3. Watch this, you earn the 10% of your first level with NO RANK QUALIFICATION requirement!



Nspire allows you to earn 10% of all the reorders of your Personally Enrolled Distributors WITHOUT RANK QUALIFICATION!

And as you qualify and move up the ranks there are 8 levels of residual income available. If you continue to accumulate more sales and build a larger customer base and earn more and more money in the Unilevel Bonus. At the level of “RockStar”, you will be earning the full 25% of the CV from the repeat orders of all Distributors located on each of those levels!


Teamwork makes the dream work! Nspire rewards you for working as a team! They ake 5% of the cumulative total of the CV of all the retail and repeat orders (separated by rank) and it is shared by all of those who are qualified. This bonus is paid quarterly after all purchases have been validated and accounted for. Don’t understand? That’s OK. Think of it this way. At the “Star” level and above, the more customer sales the company has in a quarter, the more money you will earn!

Conclusion on Nspire Network LLC

Overall, Nspire Network looks pretty promising with extremely unique physical products.

However, when selling supplements and cherish sanitary pads you’re competing against a HUGE market.

The best thing to do is compare the retail prices compared to the general marketplace and if it’s competitive, great! If not, then check to see if the products work better than the general marketplace to justify the costs.

The benefit of becoming an Nspire Network Distributor in the early stages of launch is that you can quickly build your customer base and independent distributor team before the market is too saturated.

Nspire Network LLC is definitely a mover and shaker in the MLM industry and proof of that occurred with their prelaunch of 50,000+ pre-enrollments.

So, if you’re serious about earning money, and having the flexibility to work from home or anywhere in the world then I would recommend that you become an independent distributor of Nspire Network LLC.

I hope that you found the information on this page helpful. 

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